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Baby Lucinda – Survival Minecraft #16

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Today we breed villagers in Minecraft after a slightly frustrating start where the villagers decided they didn't want to move..

Gods of #YouHC – Part One (Minecraft PC)

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It's rather simple, all you have to do to apply is watch the episodes, and either email us your IGN at, or use the hashtag #YouHC on either Twitter or Facebook... and we will try to pick you all!...

DIAMONDS GALORE! – Survival w/ quotum & Brainet (Ep. 1)

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This is the beginning of me and my good friend Jonty's brand new Minecraft world, we are really enjoying so I hope you enjoy it too :)

Iron Golem Prep – Survival Minecraft #18

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We build the majority of the Iron Golem Farm today with only the doors and villagers left to place at the end of the day!

Iron Golem Farm – Survival Minecraft #19

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The Iron Golem Farm is completed today and the endless flow of iron begins!

Minecraft – Hardcore Survival #1 “Nick the Caver”

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Hardcore survival with Nick!

Minecraft – Hardcore Survival #2 “Water temple?!”

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Hardcore Survival #2 with Nick!

Minecraft: AfterLife SMP – Episode 46 | ENDER TRIALS

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► Hey guys, I am GamingBecause and welcome to episode 46 of AfterLife! In today's episode I show off the finished product of the Kansas Motel, show off some spoopy stuff that is 2spoopy4eyes as well as try out Bio...

[MINING GRANDMAS!]Minecraft Survival #1 w/William!

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this is the first episode of my survival series so far I have ten but I thought I'd post them in order

[Boning a Wolf]Minecraft Survival #2 w/William!

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Ep 2 of survival

[Boning a Wolf]Minecraft Survival #2 w/William!

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Ep 2 of survival

[How to Strip Mine + SO MANY DIAMONDS]Minecraft Survival #3 w/William!

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Survival ep 3

[Spooky Abandoned Mine Shaft] Minecraft Survival #4 w/William!

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survival ep 4

[Zombie Pig Girlfriend]]Minecraft Survival #5 W/William!

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Survival Ep 5

[EPIC CASTLE BUILD!]Minecraft Survival #6 W/William!

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I build my epic castle

[Village DESTRUCTION!!]Minecraft Survival #7 w/William!

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I go to trade with villagers and it goes horribly wrong