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Minecraft Hardcore Survival Ep.2 – Mobs Everywhere

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Sweet Underground – Minecraft Pitforge SMP #8

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I make a carpet, an automatic farm, and a mine.

Minecraft: Dave & Muffin Mel Part 1 – BoomStick

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Join Dave and Muffin Mel in Minecraft. What are we doing? Who knows sometimes, but it will include death, discovery, and a lot of laughs (mostly at Daves expense) so like, share subscribe and kept it locked her...

Zarnie Plays “Old-School” Minecraft: Ep.2 – Alpha 1.1

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Hey everyone, I am Zarnie and this is episode 2 of Old-School Minecraft. In this series we are playing in the old versions of minecraft. Some days ago I was watching some old videos from alpha/beta and nostalgia p...

Minecraft | Glitched Dungeon | Awesome Adventure[11]

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Check out episode 11 of my Awesome Adventure Survival Series! In this episode I continue to mine, find two more diamonds,and find a glitched dungeon! It's Awesome! Hope You Guys Enjoy! Like and Subscribe for Dai...

Gwendalinda and Anya Meme present: Diamond Friendzy, Episode One (Survival)

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Hey guys! Me and my sister Meme (I call her that but her name is Anya_Meme) play minecraft together. Our biggest question is "Who's sillier?" — watch our 1st EVER video to find out, and comment to tell us what you ...

Minecraft Xbox – Let’s Play – Creeper Cake Challenge – Two Player Survival Mode [5]

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A race to see who can kill the most Creepers in one spooky night. Winner gets to eat all the cake at the golden house.

SHEEP BARN!! | Minecraft Windows 10 Let’s Play (Episode 5)

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My vanilla lets play on the windows 10 version of minecraft

Automatic Pumpkin Farm – Survival Minecraft #26 [Halloween Week 2015]

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Inside our Giant Pumpkin we build an automatic redstone pumpkin farm to close out Halloween Week here in our Survival series! A little tongue tied today, Matt tries to explain how to build a working automatic p...

Minecraft PC – Server talk!

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Minecraft w/ my brother-We are lost in the Nether-Episode 12

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We are Lost!

[Epic Enchantment Tower!]Minecraft Survival #8 W/William!

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I build my enchantment room in my castle

Hyperion Vanilla SMP | Season 1 | Ep. 2 | Mountain, Sea, and Flame!

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Welcome to a Vanilla SMP! (No cussing!)

World of Atlas | Ep. 8 | A Whole New World!

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Welcome to World of Atlas, a fantastic semi-vanilla land-claim server with over 260 CUSTOM BIOMES, lots of helpful plugins, and the most friendly community I have ever experienced on a Minecraft server. Today ...

JMachine’s World – First House

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subscribe for more minecraft first minecraft series on my channel

CoinOp Plays Minecraft Episode 41 – House of Clay Part 2

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This week the conclusion to the Clay House building competition brings everything down to the wire!