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Minecraft – I’M NOT DEAD!! – EP01

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so ive had a long break, and ive decided to come back, its not the greatest episode as im trying to get back into the swing of things! i hope you guys enjoy!

Minecraft | Killing Spree | Survival Island

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Check out another awesome episode of Minecraft Survival Island! In this episode I work on the house, go get food from the mushroom island and at the end, go on a Killing Spree!! It's awesome! Hope You Guys Enjoy!...

Crafty Couple – FLOWERS || Episode 3

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In this episode I work on the enterance for our uncompleted house (I work backwards) and Jeff struggles on his complicated farm.

Minecraft w/ my brother- Let’s Go Mining- Episode 8

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Feel free to check out my youtube channel and if you like what you see subscribe

Ventrix SMP #1 – BRAIN POWER

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My first day on Ventrix SMP! I surprisingly got a lot done. 9:50 to gain that brain power.

Crafty Couple – New World | Episode 1

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Yay! SpottedShark and I start a new survival world!

Minecraft Let’s Play – Surviving the first night !

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Welcome to the new Let's Play Minecraft Series. Watch till the end of the video for surprise. Pretty Good Day 1. Diamond Armour Challenge by Day 15 --------------------------------------------------------------...

Minecraft | Glitched Dungeon | Awesome Adventure[11]

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Check out episode 11 of my Awesome Adventure Survival Series! In this episode I continue to mine, find two more diamonds,and find a glitched dungeon! It's Awesome! Hope You Guys Enjoy! Like and Subscribe for Dai...

Minecraft w/ my brother-We are lost in the Nether-Episode 12

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We are Lost!

Kosha SMP – Episode 1 – To The Arctic!

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Hi, Everyone, and welcome to the first episode of a new SMP I'm a part of! This episode is basically an introduction to this series! If you enjoyed this episode, please consider subscribing to keep an eye out for ...

CoinOp Plays Minecraft Episode 37: Achievement Hunting

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New Achievements have been added to the Xbox with Title Update 24 and this week we race to see who can gather the highest gamer score in a set time limit!

[MINING GRANDMAS!]Minecraft Survival #1 w/William!

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this is the first episode of my survival series so far I have ten but I thought I'd post them in order

Ninja’s Lets Play Episode 2: Underground Bedrock Tunnels

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Greetings Assassins ninjalord25 here and today i am finally putting up the second episode of my lets play series i started a few weeks ago i recorded this last Wednesday but because of the video messing up and being...

Minecraft | Randomness | Hardcore Survival[3]

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Check out episode 3 of my Minecraft Hardcore Survival! In this episode I do some mining, kill some stuff, and do a bunch of random things! It's awesomely random! Hope You Guys Enjoy!! Like and Subscribe for Dai...

Minecraft (noob) – Dr. Hoodie’s Hardcore Adventure #1 – Punching Sheeps!

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I hope it works this time.

[Spooky Abandoned Mine Shaft] Minecraft Survival #4 w/William!

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survival ep 4