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Minecraft-A whole new world-Ep 1

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In this series, we try to survive in minecraft. We also try and explore different of our minecraft world and try mine for ores to allow for trades with villagers later in the series. The first few episode focus on ...

Minecraft: AfterLife SMP – Episode 46 | ENDER TRIALS

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► Hey guys, I am GamingBecause and welcome to episode 46 of AfterLife! In today's episode I show off the finished product of the Kansas Motel, show off some spoopy stuff that is 2spoopy4eyes as well as try out Bio...

Minecraft: AfterLife SMP – Episode 47 | CRAZY WEEKEND

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Welcome to episode 47 of AfterLife SMP. In this episode of AfterLife SMP I talk about my weekend and where I was and I think my explanation went quite well. Usually on AfterLife SMP I am productive, I collab with ...

Minecraft: Alex’s Hardcore Survival – Episode 1

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Here's my first Minecraft video every, feel free to watch!

Minecraft: CAN YOU HEAR US? – Cave Hunt 02

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Hey all, IzDestiny here! Back again with Minecraft, Shooting arrows.. featuring Cubez and Najelle! We went out on a Cave Hunt x2!!. Are you ready? If you guys love this video and want more Minecraft gamepl...

Minecraft: Creating Worlds [Ep1] – Dubzalina

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We Start fresh from a vanilla world and start creating worlds!

Minecraft: Dave & Muffin Mel Part 1 – BoomStick

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Join Dave and Muffin Mel in Minecraft. What are we doing? Who knows sometimes, but it will include death, discovery, and a lot of laughs (mostly at Daves expense) so like, share subscribe and kept it locked her...

Minecraft: Dave & Muffin Mel Part 2 – BoomStick

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Ok peeps here we go, its part 2 of the epic quest that we are on to do stuff in Minecraft​ so enjoy, like and subscribe and stay tuned for more awesome stuff :)

Minecraft: Let’s Play – 101 – Introduction

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My first step into the world of Let's Plays and Youtube commentary.

Minecraft: Lets Play Episode 2 – Death by Explosion

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Remember to Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed this video and want to support my channel. It'll mean a lot! Hey Guys, welcome back to my Lets Play survival series. This episode we do something a little different ...

Minecraft: New World Tour! Ep. 1 – Getting Started

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Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe to me on Youtube!: Hello, today we start a brand new series! If you enjoyed any part of this video and want to support this ser...

MINECRAFT: SlayerCraft Episode 2 WTF IS THAT! Another Discovery?

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A turn for the worst as i get run down by horde's and horde's of mobs!

MINECRAFT: SlayerCraft Episode 3 (2 Villages at spawn) Started building!

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2 Villages at the spawn and huge mountains, of the the best seeds found by accident!

MINECRAFT: SlayerCraft Episode 4 | JEEPERS CREEPERS! Setting up home!

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Need building ideas!


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Need help with ideas to build inside and outside the home

MINECRAFT: SlayerCraft Episode 6 Finally!

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Laying out the foundation, please comment some building idea's good do with some :D