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Subscribe to Afghan Kidd at : Like / Subscribe / Comment ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Gta Wild West This is the new map/game on GtaMc. It is pretty much similar to the Gta serv...

MINECRAFT: SlayerCraft Episode 3 (2 Villages at spawn) Started building!

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2 Villages at the spawn and huge mountains, of the the best seeds found by accident!

EndWenders: Episode 9

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We introduce two more players to the party this episode as the group 'wends' their way to a Woodland Mansion!

Hardcore Survival: DIAMONDS!!

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Zarnie Plays “Old-School” Minecraft: Ep.2 – Alpha 1.1

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Hey everyone, I am Zarnie and this is episode 2 of Old-School Minecraft. In this series we are playing in the old versions of minecraft. Some days ago I was watching some old videos from alpha/beta and nostalgia p...

Enchanters – Survival Minecraft #9

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In our series of Xbox Survival Minecraft we finally build a new room onto our house for enchanting! This week we add a new room to our work in progress house. We have it all laid out and now we begin placing th...

DIAMONDS GALORE! – Survival w/ quotum & Brainet (Ep. 1)

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This is the beginning of me and my good friend Jonty's brand new Minecraft world, we are really enjoying so I hope you enjoy it too :)

Minecraft PS4 Imaginarium | A Kind of Magic [38]

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Minecraft Imaginarium is an on-going world series, made on Playstation 4 edition. Recommended for fans of Stampy's Lovely World series. This is my 38th episode, so if you enjoy then make sure to go back to episode...

Slime Sighting! | Minecraft Survival #10

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A Slime really!

EndWenders: Episode 17

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The Final Part of our four-part Jungle Build! Check out our progress here!

Ninja’s Lets Play Episode 4: Woodnt you known its a sheep farm

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Greetings Assassins ninjalord25 here and today i show off the finished tunnel design for all of the tunnels in the underground bedrock tunnel and I start a sheep farm that i designed inspired from ZedaphPlays sheep ...

Late Night Minecraft (PS4) #10 – Wheat furm

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It's a wheat furm!! WHEAT FURM! Todays skin: Ancano ( Late Night News: "Now takes waaay more work to produce!" ) | Last episode | | Late Night Minecraft play...

CoinOp Plays Minecraft Episode 37: Achievement Hunting

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New Achievements have been added to the Xbox with Title Update 24 and this week we race to see who can gather the highest gamer score in a set time limit!

Minecraft | Huge Basketball Arena | Vanilla Let’s Play[24]

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Check out this awesome episode of my Minecraft Vanilla Let's Play Series! In this episode I showcase all the progress me and seven of my friends did on my Basketball Arena (It's amazing) and I continue working on ...

[Zombie Pig Girlfriend]]Minecraft Survival #5 W/William!

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Survival Ep 5

[2] Pure Imagination (Exotic SMP)

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We start with a UHC Highlights style montage at the beginning, then move on to base preparations & more!