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Minecraft Survival 1.8 – [1] Village!?!?

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Just started a new survival series. if you like the video please do leave a like :) also maybe even subscribe if you want to keep up with the series :)

Minecraft: Alex’s Hardcore Survival – Episode 1

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Here's my first Minecraft video every, feel free to watch!

JMachine’s World – Design Ideas

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JMachine’s World – First House

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Welcome To JMachine’s World

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First Time Playing Minecraft

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Hope you enjoy guys!

Minecraft – Fishing , Sheep Farming and Carrots :D

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A tutorial on fishing , sheep farming and carrots after the "A Night to Fight" video :P

Minecraft A Night To Fight :D

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Well this was one fun night :D

Bitches & Hoes

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Hope you guys enjoy!

Minecraft – That skeleton is a bitch

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Somewhere between vlog 2 -3 .. this shit happened.. I personally found it hilarious after I saw the recording..

realm of the greats part 1

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Please no hate

Minecraft Xbox – Let’s Play – Our Endless Adventure – Two Player Survival Mode – [3]

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Third part of our excellent Minecraft adventure. I woke up lost and struggled to get home. My daughter stole my stuff, sat on a pig and got her dogs to attack me! Someone call the cops!

Minecraft Xbox – Let’s Play – Our Endless Adventure – Two Player Survival Mode [4]

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We'd built a house made of gold and decided to race to see who could get there first. The loser had to go back to the beginning all by themselves. HAHA chump.

Minecraft Xbox – Let’s Play – Creeper Cake Challenge – Two Player Survival Mode [5]

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A race to see who can kill the most Creepers in one spooky night. Winner gets to eat all the cake at the golden house.

Minecraft Xbox – Let’s Play – Our Endless Adventure – Two Player Survival Mode [2]

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Part 2 of our adventure, lots of fun - but someone gets hurt along the way. Careful how you handle those weapons kids!