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This is part 2 of the construction of my iron farm.

Minecraft – Lost and Alone – Episode 1

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We return to our adventurers after the explosion on their ship, the Ragnarok. Will they survive in this new and harsh world? This is our third series so please check out the previous ones too! Hope you enjoy. ...

Ep 1 – A new world

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First episode of my new series

Ep 2 – Protect the Villagers!

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Episode 2 of my new series. Protecting my new villager friends and finding diamonds

Ep 3 – Finding Spawn Chunks

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Episode 3 - finding and marking out my spawn chunk area.

Ep 4 – Making a Iron Farm

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Episode 4 - part 1 of constructing my iron farm.

Ep 5 – Iron Farm pt.2

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Episode 5 - Part 2 of the Iron Farm, where i am moving the villagers in to the farm

[1] Seven Man Tour! (Exotic SMP)

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Hey guys! Welcome to the start of a new series I'm partaking in called Exotic SMP. In this episode, it's just a pretty simple spawn tour with some other members, but there were more than a few laughs! Applications...

Walkabout episode 5 Daimonds!,Stronghold!,MMAB Bunker!

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My latest Let's Play, called walkabout. It's a vanilla survival series where I first try to make it to the end before I began my journey of exploration. In this episode I build a bunker that allows me to harvest e...

Minecraft 1.11 one command creation rideable UFO and alien!

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Get the command here: Hello guys! Bluecap is here! Today i gonna bring you guys a very fun creation! The one command vehicle--- UFO!!!! Get the command at here! Enjoy

Let’s Play Minecraft survival series. Episode 18. Just-Vanilla. Villager Trades

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Episode 18 of our Let's Play Series on the Just-Vanilla Server.

Let’s Play Minecraft Survival Ep.8 – I Need Your Help!!!

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Hey everyone, My name is Dawson and I have had a Minecraft Let's Play going for a while now and basically made this episode to ask for feedback on ways to keep the series fun and fresh for everyone. Thanks for ...

XP / Mob Farm – Episode 9 – Nelly’s Minecraft

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XP / Mob Farm - Episode 9 - Nelly's Minecraft. This episode we construct a cheap early game hostile Mob farm, which doubles as a xp farm, which will make it a lot easier for enchanting our items. Follow the ...

[2] Pure Imagination (Exotic SMP)

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We start with a UHC Highlights style montage at the beginning, then move on to base preparations & more!

Minecraft: Tropical SMP Ep. 1 – The New Beginning! APPLY NOW

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Minecraft: Tropical SMP Ep. 1 - The New Beginning! APPLY NOW This is a new SMP I am part of called the Tropical SMP there are some really awesome people on this server. Connect With Me! ► Twitter: https://t...

How to Get Lost 101! | Minecraft Survival #9

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getting lost is fun!