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Apples+ Mod Review

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Hey Assassin's today i reviewed the apples+ mod and it was huge so many apples and a few new tools as well i would recommend it for future training good luck and domo arigato Go check out the mod page and tell the ...

Beer Mod Review

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Hey Assassins today i reviewed the beer mod and man was it fun but i cant remember most of it my memory is a bit fuzzy oh well that's why i recorded this so i can remember all of what i did and said Go check out ...

CakeIsALie Mod Review

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Hey Assassins today i explained what happened to me last Sunday and i also review the cake is a lie mod it was a lot of fun and very tasty i would defiantly recommend using it sometime so go to the mod page and tell...

DrZhark’s Magic Carpet Mod Review

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hey there assassins today i reviewed DrZharks magic carpet mod and i have to say it was pretty fun flying around on a magic carpet like in Aladdin but anyways if you like this mod then make sure to subscribe to me a...

Fisk finally added SPIDERMAN?! New FiskHeroes Beta version!

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In this video I showed off some unreleased features of FiskFille's Superheroes mod! This includes some new items and new superheroes that hes added!

Fisk’s Superheroes mod FULL REVIEW – Flash, Avengers, crafting and more!

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This is the full mod showcase for FiskFille's Superheroes mod! It's long but I covered everything!

JumpPad++ Mod Review

431 Views1 Comments

Today i reviewed the JumpPad++ mod and i have to say it was pretty fun i would defiantly recommending all you assassins out here to go check this mod out here:

LBSG – Gameplay with Ride Mod V2

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Mod Review of Minecraft PE (0.10.5/0.10.X) Ride Mod Version 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The LBSG has been getting more aggressive with cliend mod protection That's why the Mod Creator C...

Let’s Play Minecraft: VOLTZ Ep. 1 – Explosives (Showcase)

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Sup everyone, this is the first video of Minecraft VOLTZ modpack series of mine. I hope you will all like it. Leave a like if you're cool and / or awesome. ==================== Music: Intro - Perry Como - P...

Lucky Blocks Mod Review

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hey Assassins today i did the lucky blocks mod and man it was full of suprises but your going to have to watch the video to find out ;) but be sure to check out my channel and subscribe to be one of my elite Assassi...

Lycanite’s Mobs Mod Review

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this is the Lycanite's Mobs Mod which adds in a bunch of new biome specific mobs and if you want to play this mod or yourself check this link out and tell them i sent them on a mission thanks (sorry for the sucky de...

minecraft 1.8 flows hd texture pack showcase

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texture pack showcase

Minecraft Mod review episode#1 Abyssal craft New MC Relm

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this is my first review episode and i have decided to review this mod first simply because it is one of the coolest mods i have added so far it addeds a whole new dimesion of fun to minecraft hope you guys enjoy yh...

Minecraft Mod Showcase Algaecraft Mod

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Greetings Assassins ninjalord25 here and today i did the algaecraft mod and it was pretty cool with brain coral and lobsters you can catch and eat i forgot about the raw lobster but i covered pretty much everything ...

Minecraft Mod Showcase: Agriculture Mod

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Greetings Assassins ninjalord25 here and today i reviewed the Agriculture Mod which adds in some new blocks to cook and craft your food and soooo much new foods and even a new ore to go find but you will have to d...

Minecraft Mod Showcase: Aquaculture Mod

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Hey Assassins today i reviewed a mod that completely revamps the fishing mechanics in minecraft and makes fishing more fun its the aquaculture mod which adds in biome specific fish that you can catch and even armor ...

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