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Build Spongebob’s House UNDERWATER in 9 minutes – MINECRAFT

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Build Spongebob's House UNDERWATER in 9 minutes


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Ender pearls are hard to come by in vanilla minecraft survival. But with this bunker you can not only stay alive, you can collect as many as you like. The materials are cheap and it's quick to build. I build this ...

How to make a Functional Fireplace

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A short tutorial on building a functional fireplace. Fire chimney and decor in a compact build.

Minecraft Xbox Tutorial – Modern Bus Stop

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If your working on a city you might want to add this modern bus stop!

Fastest way to Travel in Minecraft – Building a fast track

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Building a fast way to Travel

Minecraft: How To Build Medieval House 2

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Hey Guys My Name Is Rigald This Is My First Video In This Site I Hope This Site Can Help Me Get More Views Like And Subscribe. So In This Video I Want To Show You How To Build A Simply,Efficient,And Cool House In...

Pengi’s Pixel Art – Pokémon Ivysaur (128×128) (PART 1)

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This is my second 128×128 Pokémon pixel art video, and this time I make Ivysaur! This is only Part 1, the timelapse, and you can check Part 2 on the channel, where I slow it down to 1 block per second, so you can ...

Minecraft best hidden base (in my Opinion)

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Hey guys this setup has been around a while now but its my favorite and would love to share with you guys personally i believe this is the best way to hide bases. Don't forget to like and subscribe ill catch you g...

LEGENDARY BIRD’S ISLANDS | Minecraft: Pixelmon Builds

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World Painter is saving me sooooo much time! ∆ My Channel: ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Follow Me: Facebook:


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Fixing the spawn because apparently i made it non-symmetrical. great lol, at least i have Jiggly Building with me this time! ∆ My Channel: ∆ Jiggly’s ...

Pixelmon PokéMart | Minecraft Pixelmon Builds

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Love building stuff so i hope you all enjoy it as well :) ∆ My Channel: ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Follow Me: Facebook: https://www.f...

Survival Village – Part 1 – House

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So after a 2 month Hiatus, I am back with another video!!! This is part one in a series I will be doing for a "Survival Village". Next video I will be making the storage facilities. As I mentioned in the vide...

MINECRAFT:Build your house: Part 1 wooden house

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let's build your dream house

MINECRAFT: 5 cool things you can do when boring

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5 cool things u can do when boring :3

minecraft- how to build an effective mini castle

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Hope you Guys enjoy this simple easy to follow Tutorial

Minecraft – 3 Essential Building Tips and Tricks!

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Here Are some Essential Tips and Tricks To Drastically Improve your Building Ability

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