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Como hacer una trampa en minecraft

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Espero que os guste y les sirva denlen al like y suscribiros!!!

Sign Shops in Vanilla Minecraft

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This video will show you how to have a sign shop in vanilla Minecraft.

{Easy} {Compact} Minecraft Train Station [ Redstone Tutorial ]

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Minecraft – Fully Automatic TNT Cannon [TUTORIAL] – Top 3

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Three different types of automatic TNT Cannons made with redstone. Hope you guys enjoy

Simplest Auto Witch Farm 1.8.4 Ready

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Very simple and efficient witch farm that works in all new versions of Minecraft.

Minecraft – Tutorial (4) Redstone – How To Make a Secret Underground Hidden Armor Stand

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How To Minecraft: Automatic Minecart Unloader Station

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A quick, small, and simple minecart hopper unloader tutorial with explanation of how the system works, and why it works. This system was built on the Xbox 360, and can be duplicated across all other platforms [...

How to Build Easy/Cheap Witch Farm in Minecraft 1.8

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How to build a cheap/simple/easy witch farm in Minecraft 1.8 This also works in Minecraft 1.9 snapshots.

How To Minecraft: Automatic Minecart Armor Equipt Station

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How to build an armor equip rail station!

Automatic Sorting system pocket edition

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Working auto sorter on pocket edition.

This is the working build of my item frame combination lock

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A Design i came up with using 2 different designs. This was made on pocket edition Minecraft. This is a working Item frame combination lock

TNT cannon with dispensers

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A dispenser TNT cannon. It has a range of 80 blocks.

Minecraft Tutorial: How To Find Caves (EASY)

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How to find caves without searching. Please Subscribe for more gameplay/tutorials. :)