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We have been playing Pixelmon on the Pixelmoncraft server for a while now and it's finally time to have a proper duel! Who will become the official Bear Games champion?

Dasher The Reindeer l Minecraft Christmas Special #1

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Helping The Snowman l Minecraft Christmas Special #2

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Building The Candy Cane Forest l Minecraft Christmas Special #3

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Dancer The Reindeer l Minecraft Christmas Special #4

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Decorating the Christmas Tree l Minecraft Christmas Special #5

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Christmas letsplay

EndWenders: Episode 8

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The multiplayer family adventure continues with Episode 8!

Redstone Potato Farm – Episode 15

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Potato Farm - Episode 15 - Nelly's Minecraft. This time we duplicate the timing device used for the wheat farm and use it for a potato farm with a few changes. Follow the journey here -


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Minecraft Modern Desert house no 2

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Modern Desert home showcase.

I’M ON TOP OF THE WORLD (Hypixel Skywars Challenge)

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Using Animal Crossing Shaders in Skywars! (Gone Right) -

EndWenders: Episode 7

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Videos released weekly!

My first time .. In a long time – Part 2

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Hey Guys, This is the sequel to my first video, so please like, subscirbe and comment do the same also for my friends channel - ManOfWarfare 375!!

Mob Vote Podcast: Hype for Minecon Earth 2017!

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My family and I have been doing regular weekly Let's Plays, and we decided to do an in-game podcast of sorts discussing Minecon Earth and the Mob Vote this upcoming weekend. Please watch and join our discussion!

EndWenders: Episode 5

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My family and I have been regularly posting weekly Let's Plays. If you enjoy watching a group of people adventure together, this is the series for you! Here is one of our more recent ones. Please give it a watc...

My first time … In a long time! – Part 1

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Just a starting video, part 2 out soon. Please give feedback, I am only new and need some pointers, done on free trial will be getting full Minecraft soon.