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Enchanters – Survival Minecraft #9

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In our series of Xbox Survival Minecraft we finally build a new room onto our house for enchanting! This week we add a new room to our work in progress house. We have it all laid out and now we begin placing th...

End of Steve

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it's my first on Steve , how he starts and ends. hopefully ill make more adventures, of course of him not dying

EndWenders: Christmas Special

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Fresh as the snow that's just fallen! Enjoy your Christmas evening with a cup of hot cocoa and a pleasant EndWenders holiday special!

EndWenders: Episode 10

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Come watch as the EndWenders take on the perils of the Woodland Mansion!

EndWenders: Episode 11

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Join us again at the Woodland Mansion for the looting!

EndWenders: Episode 13

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Hard Mode Wither Fight in an Arena!! An entertaining cornucopia of Player Deaths--eventually culminating in success. Please, enjoy the mayhem!

EndWenders: Episode 14

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When Jessine gets tree-greedy, karma strikes back in the form of a flaming arrow! Check out part one of our Jungle Build here!

EndWenders: Episode 15

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Circumstances get progressively stranger in Part Two of our Jungle Build! See our players deviate from the original plan in this week's episode!

EndWenders: Episode 16

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We all actually do what we came to do! Watch us make progress on domesticating the jungle in Part Three of our Jungle Build!

EndWenders: Episode 17

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The Final Part of our four-part Jungle Build! Check out our progress here!

EndWenders: Episode 18

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Minecraft Olympics! View Part One of our Olympics-themed series, and tune in every week to see who gets the Gold!!

EndWenders: Episode 19

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So many bunnies!! Come view the hordes of hares in Part Two of our EndWenders Olympics!

EndWenders: Episode 5

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My family and I have been regularly posting weekly Let's Plays. If you enjoy watching a group of people adventure together, this is the series for you! Here is one of our more recent ones. Please give it a watc...

EndWenders: Episode 7

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Videos released weekly!

EndWenders: Episode 8

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The multiplayer family adventure continues with Episode 8!

EndWenders: Episode 9

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We introduce two more players to the party this episode as the group 'wends' their way to a Woodland Mansion!