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Let’s Play Minecraft: VOLTZ Ep. 1 – Explosives (Showcase)

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Sup everyone, this is the first video of Minecraft VOLTZ modpack series of mine. I hope you will all like it. Leave a like if you're cool and / or awesome. ==================== Music: Intro - Perry Como - P...

The Jerky Turkey – Rollercoaster for Thanksgiving (Minecraft Map Overview #2)

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A guy asked if somebody can make a video of his project, I volunteered. I hope you'll like the video and I'll be glad if you subscribe. =================== Music: Intro Song - Mario Theme Song Outro - Vi...

Eludan City V.1 (Minecraft Map Overview #3)

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This is a map my friend built and it was made on my original map and it took about took him about 400 hours of building. No mods were used so it was very hard for him I guess so. ==================== Music: ...

Skywars | Ep2 | La Batalla de Honor

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Hola Suscribe to my Channel please

Minecraft: Cranked Free For All

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Try cranked out and thank you for watching :) Server:

Steampunk Minecraft – S1 EP1 – Fiery Rules

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*LEAVE A LIKE IF YOU WISH TO SEE MORE STEAMPUNK MINECRAFT* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description; Steampunk is modern ...

Skywars | Ep3 | Nuestra Mala Suerte

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WoooooOoooooooow Hola hola hola bienvenidos a otro de mis videos este es especialmente con mi amigo Davox MasterCrafter el canal aqui esta: Suscribete Dale Like si te gusto! Heheheh...

Minecraft: More creeps and weirdos with baby brothers

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My little brothers wanted to make a video with me so here it is :)

Lego blocks in Vanilla Minecraft

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Basically in snapshot 14w06b, Mojang allowed us to add in custom models for blocks using resource packs. Unfortunately this means in this case a higher polygon count, which makes the fps fairly terrible. But yeah ...

Steampunk Minecraft – Stourdon S1 EP3 – Run Away Diamonds

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*LEAVE A LIKE IF YOU WISH TO SEE MORE STEAMPUNK MINECRAFT* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description; Steampunk is modern ...

Steampunk Minecraft – Stourdon S1 EP4 – Heroes of the cave

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*LEAVE A LIKE IF YOU WISH TO SEE MORE STEAMPUNK MINECRAFT* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description; Steampunk is modern ...

Zombie Pigman Completeing a Maze using the updated Path finding AI

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In a recent snapshot the Mob Pathfinding AI was updated, so they do not now just randomly walk off blocks to attempt to get to you, but rather work out the shortest path.

My attempt at the Fastest Wither Kill ever:

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My attempt at killing the Wither with the fastest time ever. I got around 6seconds, which is pretty awesome. Looking for other ideas for my sort of speed challenge series. :) Thanks.

Minecraft: The Legend of Zelda- Mini-Game

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My brother and I have created a mini game based on The Legend of Zelda. If you like what you see in the video stay tuned and check out my brothers channel for a full tour of the minigame. Don't forget to like and su...

Zelda Lost woods using Noteblocks

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Short noteblock based video I made with the song Lost woods from Ocarina of time. If you have any suggestions for other songs, feel free to let me know, looking to potentially make this into a series. Thanks :)

Song of Storms in noteblocks

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If you have any suggestions for other songs let me know! :)