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Mini Game Mondays: Hello War NOW DIE!!!

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today i played Super Craft Bros with my girlfriend war and i get my butt handed to me on a silver platter XD Server IP: 2.CBGA.ME Become An Assassin Today:

Beer Mod Review

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Hey Assassins today i reviewed the beer mod and man was it fun but i cant remember most of it my memory is a bit fuzzy oh well that's why i recorded this so i can remember all of what i did and said Go check out ...

Mini Game Mondays: Hide and Seek

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Hey Assassins today is the start of a new series i like to call mini game Mondays which means every Monday i am going to be playing mini games from all sorts of servers with either friends or just by myself so i hop...

Apples+ Mod Review

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Hey Assassin's today i reviewed the apples+ mod and it was huge so many apples and a few new tools as well i would recommend it for future training good luck and domo arigato Go check out the mod page and tell the ...

Ninja’s Lets Play Episode 1: Village Campout

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Today i started a lets play in my single player world and i didn't get much done other than protect villagers and find a spider dungeon but cant wait for next Wednesday and i hope you guys enjoy it Become An Assass...

CakeIsALie Mod Review

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Hey Assassins today i explained what happened to me last Sunday and i also review the cake is a lie mod it was a lot of fun and very tasty i would defiantly recommend using it sometime so go to the mod page and tell...

Lucky Blocks Mod Review

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hey Assassins today i did the lucky blocks mod and man it was full of suprises but your going to have to watch the video to find out ;) but be sure to check out my channel and subscribe to be one of my elite Assassi...

DrZhark’s Magic Carpet Mod Review

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hey there assassins today i reviewed DrZharks magic carpet mod and i have to say it was pretty fun flying around on a magic carpet like in Aladdin but anyways if you like this mod then make sure to subscribe to me a...

Quicksand Mod Review

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make some traps for your enemies and other mobs with the quicksand mod i had a lot of fun testing this mod out to bring it to you guys so i know you will love it to so go on over to the forums page and tell them you...

JumpPad++ Mod Review

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Today i reviewed the JumpPad++ mod and i have to say it was pretty fun i would defiantly recommending all you assassins out here to go check this mod out here:

Lycanite’s Mobs Mod Review

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this is the Lycanite's Mobs Mod which adds in a bunch of new biome specific mobs and if you want to play this mod or yourself check this link out and tell them i sent them on a mission thanks (sorry for the sucky de...

Some Epicness Video!

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Hello guys, So this is a video i made and hope you enjoy watching it. I will be doing more of this videos if i get more susbcribers and get more popular. I got alot of support but why not sharing with everyone instead!

Charmander Pixel Art Speedbuild

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Second episode of my new series, doing Pixel art speedbuilds, this episode is Charmander! If you enjoyed please consider leaving a like and subscribing. Feedback is welcome and suggestions are appreciated, thank you!

Minecraft SpeedPvP

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Hello Guys! Just playing skywars with speeed! Don't forget to like and subscribe!

Minecraft – Attack Of The B-Team – Episode 5 – Saw Mill

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Hey guys, I'm Matthew, It would be great if you could look at some of my videos and give me some feedback. In this video I continue my Attack of the B-Team series! Thank you very much for reading this!

Jailbreak Episode 1 Bad Start

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Watch me try to break out of jail for money! Wanna play? ip: