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Baby Lucinda – Survival Minecraft #16

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Today we breed villagers in Minecraft after a slightly frustrating start where the villagers decided they didn't want to move..

Nether Hub – Survival Minecraft #10

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In order to stop Ghasts from destroying our Nether Portal, we have decided to spend today constructing a hub for our Nether adventures inside of Survival Xbox Minecraft! It has been a while since Matt has seen ...

House Layout – Survival Minecraft #12

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Today we design the walls for our house to see just how a kitchen will be properly built next to the entry way!

Spelunking – Survival Minecraft #20

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Today we simply go out to explore an unexplored cave to delve back into the roots of Minecraft!

2 Testificate Are Better Than 1 – Survival Minecraft #15

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We learn a bit more about Matt and Steven as they create a second villager for the soul purpose of mating with Vern!

Kitchen Fail – Survival Minecraft #13

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Xbox Survival Minecraft takes a day off as Matt wastes time building a kitchen that isn't good at all and Steven runs around looking for cacti. But there's still some laughs along the way!

Cactus Farm – Survival Minecraft #21

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Today we add a cactus farm to our mad science lab through connecting it with our Iron Golem Farm. I even explain how to build a cactus farm and why it works the way it does!

Mining,crafting,placing blocks (Minecraft let’s survive) Episode #1

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Let’s build a house! (minecraft let’s survive)Episode #2

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How To Minecraft: Automatic Minecart Armor Equipt Station

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How to build an armor equip rail station!

Zombie Doctors – Survival Minecraft #14

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Down at a Zombie Spawner, we set up a way to cure a Zombie Villager in order to create some lovely Testificate that will help with our Iron Golem Farm! Today in this Survival Minecraft Let's Play we have put on...

Storming the Fortress – Survival Minecraft #11

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The gates of the Nether have been prepped and the time has arrived to send out an attack force upon the fortress! Will the pillaging be successful or will they exit with nothing? In today's Xbox Survival Minecr...

Mushroom Farm – Survival Minecraft #22

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The Mad Science Lab grows again with a Mushroom farm now added on. Learn how to build one as well as witnessing some awesome pixel art of a Mushroom!!

Enchanters – Survival Minecraft #9

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In our series of Xbox Survival Minecraft we finally build a new room onto our house for enchanting! This week we add a new room to our work in progress house. We have it all laid out and now we begin placing th...

How To Minecraft: Automatic Minecart Unloader Station

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A quick, small, and simple minecart hopper unloader tutorial with explanation of how the system works, and why it works. This system was built on the Xbox 360, and can be duplicated across all other platforms [...