Here is the Cowboys n Indians episode 3 appropriately named All i do is WIN because that is all we seem to be doing so far in this series. I think we have only lost like what 1 game in this series correct me if im wrong. But it just seems like we keep kicking butt in these games i post and i think its all cause of you viewers. You are my good luck charm. Hope you enjoyed the third installment of Cowboys n Indians!

Like I said guys I will be leaving tomorrow for FL for my easter break. Ill be gone for 11 days and enjoying the SUN. No videos will be posted while im gone, but when i get back ill be sure to post some skywars and blockparty videos for you guys!

As always, like this video to make me feel good, subscribe to my channel and get the word around about my mc videos. My videos are getting increasingly more views so keep spreading the word so we can get more views on my videos. And guys dont be afraid to like or comment on my videos. I want to know what you guys think of my series and channel overall. Its ok guys I dont bite! 🙂

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