In the fourth installment of Cowboys n Indians on TheHive the struggle got very very real. I have not played that game even off camera in ages so I was rusty in this episode. But no worries next episode i promise wins will be delivered and I will score multiple times and we can get back to kickin some butt as usual. Hope you guys enjoyed the fourth episode of Cowboys n Indians! Have an exuberant day.

My summer vacation officaly starts tomorrow, WOOOHHOOO! Anyway, more time on my hands means more content being uploaded. You guys can expect videos being posted on a regular basis now that I got so much time on my hands. I expect to upload the next BlockParty episode and maybe the next Skywars episode. Like I said in the video, not many people are on skywars anymore. When I logon and try to play only 5 or 6 people are on. So if more people arent on to play games I might have to cancel the series. Which sucks because I love to play skywars on McLegends and I know you guys love the series. But whatever happens happens.

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