In the series premiere of the new HungerGames on TheNexus server made by BajanCanadian, I completely fail at every game I play. Its going to take alot of off camera work, but eventually i will dominate this minigame like I do all the other minigames I play. The best part is, you guys will be with me throughout the ride watching my good and bad moments. Hope you enjoyed this series premiere of the hungergames, have a active Friday!

I myself was so surprised that I got to recording and uploading another video for my viewers today. Im sure it was a surprise to you viewers as well since my uploads are so inconsistent. Next, I plan to upload some rounds of cowboys n indians on TheHive network. Maybe, ill put some prison up for you guys. But I really need your input, so please in the comments section tell me if you want to see more or less prison & survival series.

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