One of the most powerful evil creature in Minecraft!
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The next episode of one of our most successful series in this channel is finally here! It took me a lot of time because I’m busy with my studies. I have great plans for the next episode and I might upload it on September (which happened to be my birth month as well). If you like this video please consider clicking the like button below and click “Subscribe” because it gives me motivation to work harder when I know that many people will enjoy my videos. If you have suggestions, feel free to comment below. Share this video with your friend if you like! Thank you very much for watching! 😀
Voiced by: Shawn DC / TheSimcraftFixion
Background Music by: Youtube Audio Library
Pictures by: Shawn DC / TheSimcraftFixion
Videos by: Shawn DC / TheSimcraftFixion
Edited by: Shawn DC / The SimcraftFixion

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