Whats up guys! Wise Man here, and welcome to the very first episode of my minez pvp series! Now, i know this isnt like any other minez video like dungeons, but i have a reason to making this series. So, a quick backstory… Last few months i havent been able to play too much minez, and because of this, ive been playing on Badlion ( a competitive pvp server). Through badlion, i have realize just how amazing pvp can be, and with this ihave come to realize just how much we minez’ers suck at pvp! :stuck_out_tongue: After playing on badlion for a few months , ive honed my pvp skills, and have learned a great deal about this art. I’m not saying that everyone who plays minez sucks at pvp, but im just saying that minez can be soooo much moooorrreeee!!! Of course how you use these skills is up to you, (hopefully to kill bandits), but if the skill level in minez pvp can improve even just a bit, i believe that minez can become a more popular game in general.

Now enough said, lets head onto the actual video. This video encompasses the EXTREME BASICS!!! So dont get pissed because you watched something you already know. This is just to make sure that anything that i will be covering in later episodes, isnt new material. And honestly, youll be surprised that some people dont know how to shift click! K wise men, Hope you all enjoy the video, and if you do, please leave a like and if youre new, subscribe!!! Peace!

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