Whats Up Wise Man!!! Today i’ve made an all new town review on Fort McHarlington. I realize that this town is no longer as new, but theres no harm in sharing my experience about the town. Im glad you guys liked the last review on Thannus, you guys are free to check that out as well. Now, Fort McHarlington, is not as good as Thannus, and tbh , i feel this place is not worth checking out. The only reason why anyone should come here, is for the food, or for the dungeon. So guys, tell me where you want me to explore next. Have fun, and if you have and questions, suggestions, or angry remarks, please email me or comment bellow. Please smash the guts out of those like and subscribe buttons. Peace!

BTW guys, I realize that the background music in the second half of the video is too loud. I apologize for that, and I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again.

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