In my first game back from a very long vacation in FL, I do pretty well in the third installment of the skywars series. I unexpectedly win 2 out of the 4 games played in this video. My only losses came at the hands of a player by the name of grantmandude, who killed me twice in a row. But the third game he got an unexpected surprise. You’ll see how I react to that in the video. Hope you enjoyed watching episode 3 of skywars, have a fantastic day!

As I mentioned in the video, in addition to posting my videos on youtube, I recently found a website called, I have posted all my videos on that site and have gotten double the views on that site than i do compared to youtube. I encourage all mc players who are trying to get their mc videos noticed to post their videos on that site. Trust me your name will get around and if viewers like you there is a link to your youtube channel on the site so viewers could easily subscribe to you if they like your content. Second, my next upload will hopefully be in the middle of the week or next weekend, whenever I have the time. The next video will be Blockparty and then the next will be the second JailHouseBlox prison episode. So you got some pretty fun and exiting gameplay coming your way. Stay with me guys, you will love it!

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