The skywars series is back! After much searching of servers that provided a skywars minigame I have found the next server that we will call home for my skywars youtube series. This server has a very detailed and cool looking spawn and even awesomer islands. You will see what I am talking about in future episodes. Hope you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out the MineSlam skywars server as well as the other worlds available within the server. Have a great Thursday!

I know I had a long stretch of not posting anything and I am so sorry! Summer is almost halfway over for me so I was just enjoying every day to the fullest and completely forgot about my channel. Ill try to keep up with posting videos consistently, but my life is about to get very busy because the football season is right around the corner. And for those who dont know, I am a manager for my high school football team so I help out with the team all season starting next week.

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