Down at a Zombie Spawner, we set up a way to cure a Zombie Villager in order to create some lovely Testificate that will help with our Iron Golem Farm!

Today in this Survival Minecraft Let’s Play we have put on our doctors robes and we are ready to perform a very delicate operation. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Down below our house we have located a zombie spawner that we have now laid out to spawn zombies without causing harm to us. From here we wait for a Zombie Villager to spawn and the operation is now close to its end. Spash the Zombie Villager with a spash potion of weakness and feed him a golden apple to cure the zombie villager and then wait 2 hours. Not really! But in the mean time we talk about having a close encounter with a three way and learn how not to transport up to the surface!

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